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We are the generation that sees color
Everything is bright, big, beckoning
Plaint splayed on walls by boys, reaching out
We are the generation with cataracts
Our surgery is life
Everything was black and white
Wars, debt, hostage to the worries of the generation before us
Pigment breaks our chains
We are silly, immature, uncaring
We care
Our world is broken and it will be up to us to stitch it back together
Our flashing tv screens spit out fear and destruction
Let’s change the channel
We dress up older than we are because in every other way we are encouraged to be
Choke out test answers, squeeze into unpaid internships
We are unhappy
Respect your mothers, fear your fathers
If either of then are still there
We must encourage each other that we are not a lost cause
There are those of us who hug Mother Nature more than our own parents
Music now sings us to sleep
Electronics suck us in because nothing else is as constant.
Communication is changing and who but us knows how to navigate that maze
We are the generation that can change it all
We know more because of those search engines that always start, never falter
We gather in hordes to listen to what you call noise but to us the sound is clear
We need something to inject to keep us alive
We have seen fallen soldier, friends turn to strangers
We have cried, lied and stupefied.
We change the way we look because maybe we’ll stand out in a workforce of robots
We adorn our body because it is how we show individuality, not because were trying to rebel
Or maybe we are
Rebel or revel?
We must celebrate who we are because we are a new aesthetic
One of freedom, peace and ingenuity
Pompeii is destroyed and we must rebuild
Rome has fallen, we must find ourselves again
We are a generation the likes of have never been seen before
Things must change and we stand at the barricade
Facing those who want to fit us circle pegs into square holes
New Generation
Mookey Van Orden