I hate it when I’m trying to get something across to someone and just happen to use a “big word” and then they start mocking me because I’m “trying to sound smart” and that I can talk like that when I “get a PHD”.

Like, fuck, I’ve been reading textbooks in school from 1st grade to college, how dare I use words that I’ve seen continuously my entire life, why do people even have to get off the topic and mock anyone who has a slightly larger vocabulary then they do.

"I don’t throw things, punch the wall, or hurt others. This “violent tornado” stereotype that many BPDs have been assigned is simply that, a stereotype. I take out my anger, frustration, and other overwhelming emotions on myself.
When you feel like you’re screaming and gasping for air underwater constantly; when you lose all sense of your surroundings while simultaneously feeling so much at once…..
It’s all so much for one person to deal with. You’re choking up quicksand as you speak and there’s no escape."
- July 24th, 2014 (via please-dont-erase-me)



All they see is the girl who does drugs, they don’t see the reasons  why she does and they don’t see how badly she struggles.. how much she hates the girl she’s become.

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